Women ‘don’t understand’ fracking, leading scientist claims

Published today in the Telegraph, Camilla Turner discusses Averil Macdonald’s comments that ‘women are opposed to fracking because they “don’t understand” and follow their gut instinct rather than the facts……. Averil Macdonald, the chairwoman of UK Onshore Oil and Gas, said that many women are concerned about fracking, yet often lack a scientific understand of the topic.’

‘Averil Macdonald is leading a campaign to persuade women that the process is safe and will benefit Britain’s economy as well as help to meet climate change targets. Prof Macdonald, who is a board member of Women in Science and Engineering, said that women were more likely to form opinions based on “feel” and “gut reaction”. Merely showing them more facts demonstrating that fracking was safe would not change their minds, she said.’

[Men] will say, ‘fair enough, understand’. But women, for whatever reason, have not been persuaded by the facts. More facts are not going to make any difference. “What we have got to do is understand the gut reaction, the feel. The dialogue is more important than the dissemination of facts.”

What do you think about Averil Macdonald’s comments? Are these comments helpful? Do you believe you understand the facts about fracking? Do you base your decisions on gut instinct or fact? Or both? If you are a woman would you rather have ‘dialogue’ or facts?  Or again, both?!