Geoscientist Online – Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Stuart Black has highlighted 2 articles in the recent edition of Geoscientist (May 2015). Firstly, the Editorial by Ted Nield where he reflects on diversity in relation to his graduation group photograph (from 1977) –, and secondly, an article by Alison Stokes (Plymouth University) and Christopher Aitchison (University of Cincinnati) examining strategies for providing greater opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in geoscience fieldwork –

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Deadlier than the male

This Editors post in Geoscientist Online by Dr Ted Nield  was forwarded by Stuart Black (Archaeology):

”It’s official.  Tropical cyclones of the North Atlantic – hurricanes, to you and me – are more deadly if they are more ‘Victoria’ than ‘Victor’.  A study by scientists at the Illinois and Arizona State universities, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revealed in June that – even excluding outliers like Katrina and Audrey – of the 47 most damaging hurricanes since 1950, those with feminine names killed on average 45 people, compared to 23 deaths in ‘masculine’ storms.”

GeoScientist August 2014

Geoscientist August 2014