Sexist banter ‘should be tackled’ in schools

Published on the BBC News Website on the 20th October Hannah Richardson reports that ‘Schools are being urged to tackle the use of sexist language to avoid youngsters being gender stereotyped. An Institute of Physics (IoP) guide argues schools do not take sexist “banter” as seriously as they do racist or homophobic language. This can lead to gender stereotyping and turn girls away from studying science subjects as often as boys. “No woman should feel that their gender is a barrier to their success,” the government said……… Interestingly, the report referred as much to the gender stereotyping of boys as much as girls. It said: “Lack of confidence and resilience can present a barrier for girls taking subjects perceived to be the most challenging and boys can get caught up in a culture of not working hard.”

Gender stereo

Early stereotyping can put women off certain careers, the report suggests.