Bridging the divide between Science and Arts in the UK

At this year’s British Science Festival there has been a call (led by Athene Donald) to bridge the divide between Science and Arts in the UK. To get a better understanding of how this works Jo Barstow (British Science Association Media Fellow) interviewed PhD student Julie Wertz (based at the University of Glasgow).  Julie is the winner of the inaugural Jacob Bronowski Award Lecture for Science and Arts.

‘Hailing from Nebraska, Julie studied Chemistry and French at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After a brief stint in pharmaceutical quality control she moved to the University of Glasgow, where she holds a prestigious Lord Kelvin Adam Smith scholarship. Her PhD project, studying the historical process that created the durable but complex dye Turkey Red, has enabled her to combine her love of chemistry, textiles and French. Julie chatted to me after her lecture, in which she explained her attempts to recreate the dyeing process using instructions provided in historical sources.’

Follow this link to read the full interview – Julie Wertz

Are you bridging the divide with your research?  As a School we cover both Humanities and Science.  Could we create more links?