How to have a life beyond work

Katie Hope (Business reporter for the BBC) has published a feature based on interviews with different business leaders examining issues around discussing work life balance.  While not focused on academia many of the comments still apply!

‘Research suggests that advances in technology giving employees the ability to check their work emails 24 hours a day have made it even harder for people to separate work and life. Management consultancy Deloitte’s global survey of 2,500 business leaders found two thirds of employees were feeling “overwhelmed” with 80% wanting to work fewer hours.’


‘Yet for those at the top, admitting they need a break can be perceived as a weakness………..’  This doesn’t necessarily just apply to those at the top!








‘John Mackey, co-founder and co-chief executive of supermarket chain Whole Foods says in the US a “workaholic” culture means people often boast about how long they work, seeing 80-hour weeks as a badge of honour. He admits he himself has worked such long hours, but says it’s not sustainable in the long term. In an effort to reduce the workload of being the boss, he divides the top role with co-chief executive Walter Robb, and they are part of a seven-strong executive team which all earn the same salary and share executive responsibilities. “Walter and I may be the leaders of that group but we all are working together,” he says. This approach continues throughout the firm, with individual stores having control over budgets and staff having the power to make decisions. This structure, gives him time, to meditate, exercise and eat well, he says.

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