SAGES – You have received a gift from Roberta Gilchrist: Girl Power

Merry Christmas SAGES! I have chosen to support Oxfam’s ‘Girl Power’ to match our commitment this year to Athena Swan and Gender & Fieldwork.


This gift will help enhance the skills of women worldwide so they can stand up for their land inheritance rights, tackle the taboos surrounding domestic violence or gain influence by becoming business or community leaders. Leadership and management training along with broadcasts, protests, petitions and street theatre are collectively changing the lives of women for the better. This gift supports our Investing in the Future (IN) projects.


Your gift is Girl power

Your gift is Girl power

How your gift helps

Having support like this makes it easier for Aasi and other women to stand up for their rights. Aasi Mallah and her family were awarded four acres of land by the provincial government in Sindh province. But villagers who disputed her claim evicted her. We are helping her and other women in Sindh province, Pakistan to pursue their cases by providing legal support and representation. We’re also helping to spread awareness of land rights among poorer farming communities, to turn more women into landowners. Because of your gift today we’ll be able to help someone else like Aasi. Thank you.

This gift is from Roberta Gilchrist -Head of School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science (SAGES)RGilchrist_w