How will I know (if we have succeeded)

Jenny Martin (Professor of Structural Biology at the University of Queensland) has posted on her blog (cubistcrystal) about  the launch of the Science in Australia Gender Equality (SAGE) pilot of Athena SWAN. (Another use of SAGE!)  Jenny discusses how how she (everyone) will know when they have succeeded:

  • when 50% of professors and vice chancellors in Australia are women
  • when 50% of Australian scientists taking extended parental leave or working flexibly are men
  • when 50% of grants and fellowships in Australia are awarded to women
  • when 50% of invited speakers at 100% of conferences in Australia are women
  • when 100% of women scientists are paid 100% of the salaries earned by men with equivalent loads/role
  • when 0% of Australian STEMM professionals experience workplace sexism, racism, intimidation, harassment, or bullying
  • when the alpha-male model of success is the exception not the rule

If you replace ‘Australia’ with ‘UK’ you could argue the same applies here. How close are we?