6000 Records!

Just another quick message to let you know that this afternoon we reached another milestone total – 6000 records have now been enhanced!  For something nice to look at, too, I’ve added a photo of one of the nicest (and certainly most detailed) pencil sketches I’ve come across whilst working through the catalogue records.


Accession file sketch of a wagon

A pencil sketch of 55/300, a cart used in Hampshire for taking goods to market.

3 thoughts on “6000 Records!

  1. This is magnificent news! You have now exceeded the original projections concerning how many artefact records would be updated in the course of the project, whcih is absolutely amazing. I think another celebratory drink may be in order! Well done to one and all.

  2. I am so impressed – exceeding all our expectations and providing a fascinating running commentary on your work via the blog. For anyone who knows the museum it is so exciting see how this project is enriching our knowledge of the collections. May congratulations to the whole team!

  3. There’s definitely a certain sense of satisfaction every time we reach another thousand, and this one really did feel like a particular milestone, having reached the original target. Now we’ve just got to reach our personal target of 10,000 records. We’re looking forward to that celebratory drink, Ollie!

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