A good way to end the week

If anyone has been following the progress of our cataloguing, you might like to know that today, we reached another milestone: 4000 records have now been enhanced!  Out of interest, the 4000th record was one of a small collection of materials and tools used in fishing fly tying.  Fly tying is, I must admit, a topic that until about an hour ago, I knew absolutely nothing about.  Whilst cataloguing, we’re learning a lot about the collection, so we’ll continue to blog about certain objects or collections that we each find particularly interesting.  For me, rather inexplicably, this has been wagons and wheelwrighting.  Expect a post in the near future…

2 thoughts on “A good way to end the week

  1. A bit late in saying this but this is great progress! Worth noting that the fly tying materials connect niicely to the Our Sporting Life exhibition, which is currently being installed. This display is called ‘Playing Fields: Our SPorting Life in the countryside’ and opens on 12 May.

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