Another cataloguing milestone

A small sample of the 361 model toys I've been cataloguing this week.

We catalogued our 7000th record this morning!!! It always feels good to reach a cataloguing milestone, and even better when you reach one on a Friday – it really adds to that ‘Friday Feeling’. It’s been less than a month since we reached 6000, and the quick progress has largely been down to cataloguing collections (in fact, we’ve catalogued 600 records this week) – Felicity has been working on a set of 345 printing blocks, while I’ve been working on a set of 361 model toys. Although they’re quick to catalogue, as much of the information is the same for each record, we’re starting to look crazier and crazier at the end of every day so it will be good to have them done and move onto things with a bit more variety. Fingers crossed we get them finished today, and then the Friday Feeling will be complete!



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