Exciting additions to the catalogue!

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Since February last year we’ve had a team of volunteers working on digitising our old black and white negatives. This was initially part of the JISC project, but we’ve been carrying on the project as it’s a great way to get images for the catalogue without having to take new photographs (which are very expensive and time consuming). We’ve now scanned about 7100 negatives, of which 6100 have been uploaded to the catalogue this week! There are still another 10 boxes of negatives to scan (23 in total), but we’re past the halfway mark.

In addition to the negatives, we also scanned the documentation in the accession files for 150 objects as part of the JISC project. This totalled nearly 2100 scans, and these too have now been uploaded to the catalogue.

And all of the scanning I did for the basketry collection, which included Dorothy Wright’s ‘Catalogue of baskets’ forms and transcripts of an interview with Jack Rowsell, the last Devon splint basketmaker, and slides of Jack making the baskets, have also been uploaded.

So do take a look at our online catalogue and let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Exciting additions to the catalogue!

  1. Hi Greta, just googling Jack Rowsell and found this. I know there is a guy in Devon who still has Jack’s moulds and saw there will be someone demonstrating them at Basketry and beyond. It would be great to see this extinct basket revived, they are good strong working baskets.

  2. Hi Robin, I’m pleased to hear this blog came up in your google search! Somebody with an interest in learning to make these baskets came to visit the Museum before Christmas, so I think there are a few people out there who want to learn more about them and revive the skills. I’m looking forward to the demo at Basketry and Beyond – it should be a great event!

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