Welcome to our project

Self-injury, history and me is a new project from the University of Reading, which uses art-making to connect people who have experienced self-injury in some capacity with academics researching the history of self-injury.

Through a series of art workshops, we will think about questions like:

  • how was self-injury understood in the past compared to now?
  • why did people injure themselves in the past?
  • how was self-injury represented in plays and poems, and how is that different from today?

The workshops will start in mid-march. But we need YOU to help make it happen!

  • people who’ve experienced self-injury
  • counsellors, teachers, and other interested professionals
  • people who have friends or family that have self-injured
  • anyone else with an interest in art and mental health

There’s no need for any artistic talent, and we can arrange and pay for your travel. If you’ve experienced self-injury personally, you don’t have to share your story. And you don’t need any artistic talent, as we’ll be using new art technologies like animation and 3D printing!

All you need is a willingness to come and talk about attitudes to self-injury in general, while making art (and drinking tea).

Interested? Email us at a.d.skuse[at]reading.ac.uk