Monday, Week 2

157 people on site today….are we near the ‘Tipping Point’? I gather all newcomers in the Marquee for an introductory talk, Diet Coke in hand and 3 black coffees already downed! We spend half an hour talking about site rules and regulations and I point out all the notices….

The Marquee Noticeboard

It is good to see some old faces…Babs and Trish have been with me almost since the start…and deserve a medal! But we also have many people from last year who have returned…hi, Hannah!

Week 2 Timetables and SignUp lists

It is a busy day…the new people have many talks, and those who have been before are re-introduced to their Supervisors and their areas. By 2pm everyone is on site digging – and it is scorching! The site swoons under the July sunshine and by 5.30pm everyone is ready for a shower…and the university meal of meatballs and pasta….

As it says....

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