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Interview's Beginning


This programme has been several weeks in the making…a visit from John Hudson, Producer of the Ann Diamond Show 3 weeks ago…..they ARE interested in the archaeology, of course they are…BUT they want personal stories too : met and married at Silchester, Silchester changed my life, behind-the scenes at a major university excavation, Silchester:springboard to fame and fortune! So, I spent quite a bit of time asking participants if they minded their life stories being broadcast to Berkshire…..surprisingly, most of them were up for it!

The morning began with an introduction from Mike and myself….an explanation of why we are here….the ‘big hole’ we are digging…..and a realisation that no longer are archaeologists ‘bearded geeks’!

Firstly Flex and Benn describe the mechanics of digging, and Ann is taught to excavate on one of Natalie’s clay floors. Elspeth is then persuaded to describe h0w Felix and she bonded over a spread of Silchester gravel 3 years ago and are now getting married next year. We then moved on to talk to Elise in Finds…chased Jean, John and John around the Marquee to hear all about Silchester’s logistics, cooking and behind the scenes organisation.

John, Jean, Ann, Amanda

We then had a wonderful interlude with students on the excavation – I felt so proud when Hannah, Richard, Ben and Kevin all talked about their reasons for coming to Silchester, and their experiences here. If ever I wonder about why I give up 8 solid weeks of my summer (and 6 months leading up to it!) – then the answer was here, in the words of these four. Inspiring!

Another interview with Mike and its then onto Cindy and Science at Silchester.

Cindy on interview...if looks could kill!

Ann was keen to understand what we are sieving for and the kinds of evidence we are uncovering. Cindy was a natural – so nervous at first, but them her passion and enthusiasm for what she does taking over and shining through. Ann was entranced.

Setting the Scene

Go, Cindy!








Nick and Dan then talked about their excavation work in foreign climes – the upside of being a field archaeologist; have trowel, will travel: Dan to Qatar, Crete, Jordan; Nick to France, Jordan, Crete – amongst other places. It was a chance to talk about employment prospects for field archaeologists….and the itinerant lifestyles of those of us who choose to open trenches and dig holes in preference to raising families.

We then move on to interviewing visitors to the excavation: a school group, and amateur archaeology society, a birthday party of youngsters.

Janet Firth for Berkshire Archaeological Research Group is interviewed

...and so too are Nick and Biddy's grandchildren in the Dig Pit!









Finally, it is behind the scenes for a Double Amanda interview: Amanda Moore is my Admin Assistant, and also oversees entry of all archaeological data into our archaeological database, the Intergrated Archaeological Database (IADB).

Amanda 'n Amanda

Lists of Lists












Interview's end

Today…Friday is a day off and I am slowly, slowly catching up with my blog…..tomorrow is our first Open Day of the season….join us!! the weather is set fair and I will see you there!

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