Set Up Week Number 2!

By the end of Set Up Week 2 we had drained the site some more……it had rained some more……we had weeded, trowelled, weeded….and drained the site some more. Our broadband was connected (thanks to the marvellous Andy and Bob), our computers and printers were organised and functional (thanks to the ever patient Mike Andrews!), our canteen was functioning (buffet lunches courtesy of Lyn), our offices were preened and pried into shape – and all was set for the arrival on Sunday 2nd July of the masses!

Broadband goes in! We are 3G'd!

It's a kinda magic


Bob - in action

My home for the next 8 weeks - what, no windows??


A tour of my portakabin – let’s start with the view:


Costa del Silchester

Water feature (actually an early Iron Age ditch....)


My living area:


All home comforts


Zoe, my assistant’s, living area:

What we did on our Staff Training Day:


Wednesday June 27th June 2012, Sorby Room


COFFEE 9.45am


  • 10am Welcome & Introduction  to the day, Staffing & Logistics AC
  • 10.30 am Research to date; plans for the 2012 season
    • MGF The Archaeology: Silchester 2011/2012 and beyond

COFFEE 11.30am


  • 11.45 am – 12. 15 pm
    • CvZ and LL Science @ Silchester
    • Mike Rains: the IADB and Kindle Touch
    • 12.15pm – 1pm TEACHING
      • 2011 Feedback
      • 2011 marks and feedback
      • ‘Periodic Review’ for the Department of Archaeology
      • Teaching Timetable for 2012 – sessions to be delivered


And, finally, a few enduring images of my week – they sum it all up!

A miracle of modern engineering: James, Alex and Ben's walkway


What a dig leaves behind: Silchester 2011 remainders

Zoe and Rob

Teapot standoff: Sarah versus John Brown

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