The dog ate my homework…

Today I was cleansing the Silchester mobile of old text messages. Herewith a selection!

‘On my way, not coming by train. Likely to be late, due to a visit to the doctor for an ear and throat infection.’

‘Hi Folks. Running late for the pickup at Reading.’

‘Hello, Silchester. I’ve come down with a harsh case of ‘flu, and feel very ill. I intend to rest at home but will return ASAP.’

‘I’m going to stay at home today. I definitely overdid it in the sun today.’

‘Hey, Amanda. Shoulder is still not much better and has minimal movement at theĀ  moment. So is it okay if I again do not come to site today?’

‘I’ve been feeling lightheaded for the past few days and it got worse today. Will take time off to recover.’

‘The Chinook will be over sometime after 4 for the scouting mission.’

‘It was thought I should not come to site today as I went back to Basingstoke last night to bathe my shoulder. Might try to get a doctor’s appointment too. Just checking to make sure this is okay.’

‘Hi Amanda. We are stuck in a traffic jam due to a massive car boot sale in the same direction.’

‘Amanda, I will be late today. The doors to the train did not open at Mortimer station and I got trapped on until the next stop.’

‘Hi, Amanda, just to let you know I’m running late. We’re driving to site with a satnav and it’s all going wrong.’

‘Hello, Silchester. Was meant to arrive today but my washing machine exploded with all my clothes inside. Will be in tomorrow. Sorry 4 late notice’.

‘Hello, Silchester. Was meant to be getting the minibus in but will be driving instead. Bye.’

‘Due to further issues with transport we will not be arriving today’.

‘Just wanted to let you know that due to my first train being delayed and almost every tube line being closed, I’ve missed my train.’

‘I am detained by a personal matter but hope to return Wednesday pm.’

‘I decided to stay at home last night and I’m afraid I can’t come in today. I started with a cold on Sunday and now I’ve got a chesty cough. I don’t feel well enough to come in and I’m going to spend the day in bed. I can ring later on if you’d like me to but I can’t really talk because of the coughing.’

‘Our train is delayed due to awaiting a guard or something? Thought I should let you know.’

‘Hi Amanda. Just wanted to let you know I have left site and won’t be back until Saturday.’

Diary of a Dig!

Thursday ended with a downpour, but we managed several hours of dry work in the morning sunshine. Working in the wet has become the norm and everyone knuckles down – a sea of waterproofs afloat on a rising tide of mud! But we managed to mattock the west half of the trench with great results, whilst the eastern half is relinquishing its secrets more sedately. Mike’s end of day site tour addressed us all as the water puddled down our waterproofs, slid off our wellies and collected at our feet. But it was a very upbeat tour, pointing out all the hard work everyone has done and praising the great spirit everyone is showing collectively. I splashed my way home through puddles, pleased with the progress of the last few days. Lie-in on Friday!

Thank you to Jane and Joanna Langley for this photograph of Mike's rainy site tour!


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