Sunday, Sore Heads and Summer Schools

Today’s highlights! Sunglasses abound as the reality of a late night/early morning of beer festival festivities sinks in. I can see that they are suffering, I really can…..but the show must go on. We are visited by participants in the University of Reading Summer School – and my wonderful papa and my brother paid me a flying visit. The Hampshire Field Club toured the site with Mike in the afternoon – and then the heavens opened! We had almost forgotten what rain looked like. Thunder, lightning and huge, gathering black clouds. A very dramatic background to the unfolding archaeological story.

40 people are leaving – and 40 arriving! Easy come, easy go – very sad to see our 4-weekers depart…..but, no time for tears as the new cohort steps up to the starting line.

Relaxing with the Saga Louts: Lyn and wine

Kevin's wine cooler


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