Memorable Moments

…of the last week. Jon carrying my bag every morning.

Secure in his masculinity?


A truly amazing downpour reminiscent of our first 3 weeks on site…

The clouds build

Lights on as the storm approaches

The heavens open


View from the cooks’ kabin

Raindrops the size of golf balls…

The trackway is laid in order to lift the kabins

Tidying my desk – Dan’s image preserved!

On Tuesday night Mike treated all members of staff still left on site to a last supper at the Red Lion. It was a convivial evening – fairly disruptive for any other diners – but how happy we all look!

Table 1 – here come the girls: left to right…Emily, Nicola, Su, Liz, Rose, Sarah

Table 2: left to right – Lee’s arm, Rob, Tom, Rich, Mike, Riz, Zoe

Table 3: – left to right – Matt G, Lizzi, Natalie

Sarah and Tom – shiny happy people!

On the last day: 3 wise monkeys

Dan: coffee grinding

An empty portakabin…a last coffee….Dan,Tom,Hen, Matt







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