The Walking Wounded


The Day after the Night Before……

If a picture paints a thousand words etc! This about sums the day up…..but everyone was on site, in the trench, in body if not in spirit! It was, by all accounts, a legendary Beer Festival – and so the legend continues!

The buildings in Hen’s area…dated to the 40sAD are gradually being teased apart….


Beam slots in Hen’s area

And we can never get Grace out of her rubbish pit!


Slumped floor layers into a late Iron Age/early Roman pit


Curious linear feature of burnt clay extending from the newly discovered hearth in Natalie’s building: Iain investigates


Slumping into a ditch terminal – as dug by the ‘Well Team’: Steve, Rich and Perry

On site at the end of day we were pleased to welcome back Mark Household and Geraint Jones with their kites! It was a little windy but they persevered – I will post the images soon!

In the evening I met over 20 new people arriving for their first taste of archaeology: a roast chicken dinner with the rain pouring down!


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