Young Archaeologists’ Day

Yesterday we took part in A Day of Archaeology: a celebration of archaeology and archaeologists all over the world….read our entry here:

and find out what archaeologists REALLY do!

Today we welcomed 3 winners! Alfie, Susannah and Aidan. All 3 are winners of a Young Archaeologists’ Club competition…and the prize was: a day at Silchester! I really enjoyed meeting them all, and Ross and Joe and the visitors’ team took them to their hearts and showed them the inner workings of a Big Dig! Their morning was spent learning the archaeological processes: finds, science and the art of digging. And in the afternoon all 3 were given the opportunity to work on the excavation of an Iron Age pit in Sarah Lucas’ area,under the watchful eye of Rhiannon. I have to say I was most impressed by these 3 young people – and if the future of archaeology is in their hands, it is in a very safe place.


Rhiannon and Sarah meet the Young Archaeologists and parents; Kevin plus camera looks on


Left to right: Alfie, Susannah and Aidan


Young Archaeologists at work

Today we were also filmed by BBC South Today- a fantastically positive experience, and great fun gathering students and participants willing to speak to camera. Those who did were wonderful – articulate and enthusiastic. Most memorable was Edoardo…’if Silchester were a woman I would have married her instantly’. Pure gold! Apparently this was aired last night – both at 6pm and 10pm – and I missed them both! Trying to get hold of a CD or a link….


Site Saturday

Nice finds on Insula III: a shaped piece of monumental bath stone, found and excavated in Victorian backfill by Amy and Kevin.


Bath stone…nicknamed ‘Wilfred’ by Amy….don’t ask….it’s the heat you know….gets us all in the end…..


Bath limestone in the trench – and a possible Roman drain in situ

We also had a site tour by Mike – lots of new things to point out – and a very successful end to Week 100.


Saturday Site Tour


Intense concentration….


The Tour stops at Insula III


Gathering storm over Insula III?

And of course…tonight is the infamous Silchester Beer Festival….as the rain begins to fall….


Beer Festival shenanigans


Integral part of any Beer Festival


Serious beer festival faces….what has happened to your arm Nick?

Happy Festival!

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