A 2 Diet Coke day

On site today:

1. 160 of us

2. Professor Martin Bell from Reading’s Department of Archaeology giving talks on Experimental Archaeology

3. Dr. Jennifer Foster giving talks on Metalworking

4. Professor John Allen taking students around the Roman wall

5. Photographers Johan and Renee, taking pictures ‘behind the scenes on an excavation’…

6. Dr. Jane Timby our pottery specialist come to spot date some of our archaeological features

7. Many visitors! Including Chris Ball’s West Hanney History Group and Prof Grenville Astill from our Department of Archaeology, coming to see how we are are getting on…..Dr. Emma Durham too, catching up with us all


‘My’ beautiful site – courtesy of Johan Hallvig

Wandering the site, what do I see? The beautiful hearth appearing in Nick’s early Roman building:


Clay hearth

Felicia taking a break from supervising and giving talks to students on how to identify and recognise neonates (newborn infants) in the archaeological record.


Felicia and camera in action

Despite the great heat….34 degrees! – everyone is hard at work and focused #proudofmy Silchesterteam


Shallow rubbish pits dating to the 40’s AD in Hen’s area


Hen’s area – hard at work

Would you trust a man with GEEK on his t-shirt?


Study Time! Listen with Matt – Kathryn, Julianna and Matt have an exam on Saturday!


A man and his roundhouse – Tom records the cross section through the floors of the round house underlying the Roman street

2 diet cokes down – and I am meant to be giving them up!But the heat has swirled around us and nipped at our heels all day. We end the site day with Mike’s site tour……we may be tired,hot and hungry…..but not too tired, hot and hungry to miss out on this!


Site Tour sky; Mike silhouetted


Tonight is our Staff Party! Every season Nick and Biddy West offer us their hospitality down at Old Manor House…this includes access to their swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna -and this event is the stuff of legend. Each year a new set of Silchester staff is treated to this delight…..they arrive uncertain of what lies ahead – and leave hours later replete, chlorine-drenched and dehydrated…..but also happy….

This year Mike and I arrive early for a quiet swim before 50 of my staff arrive….the pool is 82 degrees! And it is quiet and peaceful. Nick and Biddy have laid out tables by the pool….expectant tables……

011 013 012

An hour later, a glass or 2 of Prosecco later, and we are treated to a feast…..pate to start, roast ham to follow and then a cheese board with jelly babies and coffee. Nick and Biddy we salute you!


Smile for the camera everyone!

017 016 015 014Don’t we all look happy?


Mr T!

I left the party at midnight – and it was just getting going! But a Site Director’s job is never done…time to go home, get a good sleep, have a quiet day off….ready for Open Day on Saturday! See you all then!


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