Oh and guess what! I received an email this morning to say that Silchester’s post for last week’s Day of Archaeology was the 2nd most read post of ALL entries!! How about that? Go Silchester! See link below……

[…] […] most viewed posts on the ‘Day’ were by Charles Mount (326 views) and by Amanda Clarke (233 […] […]


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3 Responses to Postscript!

  1. OH & I really enjoyed our visit to the Open Day on Saturday. Thanks for all your hard work, and to all the students and other workers on site. It’s worth it! Hope you can manage to do it all over again next year. Were there any meaningful parch-marks in the new Insula area during the dry spell? I didn’t think to ask while we were there.

    • silchesterdig says:

      Hi Christina! Thanks for the positive comments – it is always nice to be appreciated! Glad you enjoyed Open Day! we don’t yet know about parch marks – although we suspect the answer is a big ‘YES’! We have Mark Houshold coming to take kite photographs this Friday/Saturday so we hope to get a good look….

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