Today was a fantastic day. You know I worry about Open Days – my blogs from year’s gone by show this…..but once we start…and people pour in…..all the worries disappear and we just concentrate on showing off! We have a wonderful site to share…and the day just works! All of the students play a full part – and really enjoy themselves. Mike and I talk ourselves hoarse (I did 4 tours and talked for over 4 hours!) and we have the chance to mingle with all sorts of people, many of whom have been faithfully coming to our Open Days for many many years. Thank you to everyone who came along and donated…not just money to a good cause, but also their enthusiasm and love for the project. We really appreciate it.

Some pictures to sum up the day! First of all, my Meeters and Greeters at the gate:


Left to right: Matt, Harry and Laurence: flip flops and trowels!

Jan’s Pitstop did brisk business!


Mike and I did our usual Site Tours on the hour, every hour:


Joe takes bookings for the Site Tours


Me – talking….by Kevin Standage


Over there everyone! A Kevin Standage photograph


An intent audience…..Kevin again!


Mike this time…..giving his all…thanks, Kevin!


Mike doing the quickstep

Over to the Finds team now!


Public Finds washing with Jenny and Lorna


Sam challenges our public to a game of Merils…can you beat her?


Elspeth explains how a Roman mortarium works

KSP_6328 KSP_6271 KSP_6256 KSP_6243 KSP_6232

Science@Silchester in action…..

KSP_6317 KSP_6191 KSP_6189 KSP_6353


Cindy explaining our on-site scientific techniques


Emily and Zoe at the environmental sieving tank

Childrens’ activities were extremely popular:


Making and breaking pots!


The ever-popular ‘digpit’ for the youngsters!

Childrens’ activities and fun for all the family!

KSP_6160 KSP_6157 KSP_6287 KSP_6315


Our dyers and weavers – working with Iron Age techniques and producing cloth dyed with woad and other Iron Age colours.

KSP_6334 KSP_6332

The shop – Helen and Nikki holding sway…


Nikki and Roman Ducks

And, finally, Sarah Lucas’s team – best bib and tucker!


The day for me was a warm blur of images – people everywhere, a wonderful atmosphere and a real sense of a common interest. best of all – we achieved 1107 visitors! A record. Thank you to everyone, but especially Ross who oversaw everything with a calm purpose. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Open Day successfully over and out!

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