Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Today’s challenge: the Day After The School Disco Night at the Calleva Arms…..the majority of my site descended on the pub on Saturday evening in a whiff of school uniforms, leather jackets and pigtails. Sunday suffered because of it!

But I had a nice quiet day after the busy Open Day – a chance to look at the archaeology on site and think about the week ahead.

First onto Insula III….here the archaeology is steaming ahead. With the recognition of how little methodology the Victorians employed, Jenni and her team are able to recognise the Victorian interventions and begin to empty them systematically.


Trainee Nick with Kate on the left and Helena on the right!

Helena was fortunate enough to find a coin….and a jet bead……Insula III is producing a number of very nice finds, missed by the Victorian excavators.


Kate and Helena

The bulrushes are still flourishing in the Iron Age ditch! And Sarah and Su’s team with Liz, Elanor, Rhiannon and Gareth leading the way have cleared a large swathe of the site, leaving the Iron Age archaeology beautifully recorded.



Sarah and Gareth, Iron Age ‘sweepers’


Su and Rhiannon discuss soil colour


Hard at work revealing the Iron Age


Chelsea and Eilis complete their Iron Age pit032-001

Now over to Matt’s area. The roundhouse found and excavated by Tony, Tom and Tom, just below the Roman street is being recorded.


Tom and Tony half section the roundhouse

We are puzzled by these linear features running east-west beneath the north-south aligned Roman street in Edoardo’s area:



Edoardo supervising the recording of the archaeology beneath the north-south street

In Nick’s area the east-west aligned building with the superbly preserved clay hearth is being cleaned:



And in Hen’s area, the northern half is being stripped to natural deposits in order to investigate the Iron Age archaeology cut into it – postholes, linear features and slots abound! What do they all mean?



Ben surveying the half excavated cesspit in Hen’s area

Meanwhile Elise gave a talk on our recent finds to Charlotte Fulford’s choir:


and Cindy found my Diet Coke friend:



Helen’s handiwork: Silchester bunting on the gazebo

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