Week 102

And so this is it….our final week of the 17th season. I cannot believe it is here. I spend so much of my year planning for this excavation, living this excavation, and trading my ‘real’ life for life in a field, that is next to impossible to understand that it is nearly over for another year.

Today I welcomed 20 newcomers to the site! A very interesting group of people. all experiencing archaeology for the first – or near first – time! Lorenzo and Enrico – Italian medical doctors (or near doctors); Wendy and Helen, mother and daughter, a number of A-level students, Carol and Linda trying archaeology on the first time…in fact it is Linda’s birthday present from her husband!

The start of Week 6 is always challenging: the core team are tired, the newcomers are excited, the students are demob happy and Mike and I are desperate to get certain things finished! It all makes for a potent mix of archaeology……

And all was going SO well until it rained…..view from HQ:


And then it rained…….


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