Last thoughts on the season

As I write – with 1 more day to go before I close the 17th season of excavations – my mind is full of what I would like to say as a season postscript. I would like to talk about the final digging day – and share some images of the end of dig party. And then I would like to talk about how we put a site the size of Silchester to bed! I am at the end of a day of dealing with portakabins, picking up rubbish, reducing the portaloos on site and gradually seeing my team disappear one by one. And tonight is not the time to share my postscript… eyes are closing. But, keep reading…if anyone is out there!…and and I will share our summing-up thoughts over the next few days!


Goodbye from the Silchester Finds Team!

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One Response to Last thoughts on the season

  1. Brian Leach says:

    The time seems to have gone really quickly this year, perhaps it is my age. Many thanks as ever Amanda Clarke for your very interesting blog. Almost as good as being there!! Sorry not to have made a visit this year; perhaps the Hants Field Club will arrange another visit in 2014.

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