Day 1 of Set Up Week 1: portable toilets…and a kitchen sink (or two)


The most important items on an excavation

When planning my set up weeks for this final season, I sorted out my priorities from the start: we need a dozen portaloos on site BEFORE 9am. We also need a means of making coffee…..of course the 2 are connected!


Dave, our friendly loo delivery man!

Dave, our friendly loo delivery man!


Timetable for today: arrive on site at 7.30am with coffee and croissants for Jon, my right hand (left hand too) site manager! Meet and greet: portaloos, 5 members of staff and their tents, A-Plant as they deliver our site kabins…..I rush around with site plans, lists and half drunk cups of coffee. The sun is high in a blue sky….and I am really glad to be back in a field in the middle of Hampshire!

It’s great entertainment watching the different staff tents being put up…..remember these are veterans of many many seasons…..they know what it is like to camp for 8 weeks straight. For example, take a look at Su’s tent:

Su's carnival tent

Su’s carnival tent

and everything that goes in it….

The kitchen sink

The kitchen sink

Some of my staff even have 2 cars now… to deliver items to site in, and one to run around in. After 18 years of this, they know how to maximise on field comforts!

Dan's beautiful car

Dan’s beautiful car

ESSENTIAL field items……


A carpet


An inflatable tiger’s head

A selection of...hats

and……a selection of…hats


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