Day 4, Set Up 2: tools and tantrums

Today was all about making our infrastructure beautiful and fit for purpose. We fetched and carried, titivated and tidied. Tidy offices, tidy minds.


Tidy camp site


Where I live! Hanging basket anyone?


Stacked wheelbarrows and a cow or two


Our very tidy tool shed – thank you Jim! How long will this last…..


John’s marquee – all ready for our school visits!


We are connected! Thank you to Bob Redknapp and IT Services….Silchester has wifi (and a fan)


Okay….a little more work needed in HQ


Shelf building for the boss




Rory housekeeping our samples from last summer


Mistress of all she surveys! Cindy, Science@Silchester manager gets to grips with our backlog!


Locusts at lunch


Everything you need to build a set of solar showers


Dan n’ Nick Enterprises: Silchester’s Solar Showers underway. Come on sun! Do your worst!


Jenni attempting to organise Dan and his Planning kabin

MOST EXCITING thing of the day…..the week…..the year……?

We are trialling the use of mini iPads on site as a means of recording our archaeology. The super talented Mike Rains who is the brains behind our marvellous archaeological database, the IADB (Integrated Archaeological Database) has developed a ‘mobile IADB’ as an app which we have added to the iPads. This app allows us to record contexts, plans, photos and finds details ON SITE, in the trench….directly into the iPad. Once within wifi signal, we can then upload this site data directly into our database, no need for subsequent typing in of data…if it works this will, without doubt, save both time and money. So, do watch out for my updates on this exciting trial!

Today, on site, Mike met with groups of my staff to explain the workings of the mobile IADB – and I dished out a total of 8 iPads, lent to us by the university of Reading’s Annual fund which paid for the acquisition of a number of IPad minis to be used on fieldwork throughout the university.

Mike Rains and an iPad

Mike Rains and an iPad

Insula III look and learn

Insula III look and learn

Jenni gets the hang of it

Jenni gets the hang of it

Insula IX's turn

Insula IX’s turn

And Guy learnt too

And Guy learnt too


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