Monday, Monday…week 2 underway!

I was trying to think of one picture to sum up my day…..20 new people, stifling temperatures……rotas, lists, visits, queries, worries, hot sweltering weather, and logistics! Oh and did I mention the weather?

So I took 2 pictures of my office door: thank you cards, absences list, day off list, pleas to help with the Day of Archaeology blog,rotas, guest lectures…… times the size of this project is overwhelming! I have 2 rules, and 2 rules only 1. Keep smiling 2. Remember… is ONLY a dig!


001 002

Site life goes on as normal. As I induct newcomers into the ways and wiles of the Silchester Town Life project, Dan teaches the students the mysteries of the Harris matrix – the archaeologist’s way of representing sequence.


Dan, students and the Harris matrix

I am quite relieved when we reach the end of the day…..BUT all of my list tasks are ticked off successfully. I can sleep easy.

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