Tuesday, Week 3

Mark Houshold is with us! Mark flies a kite soaring up over the archaeology and takes fabulous pictures. I sent him and Jon off today to buy helium (not a sentence I use often in my daily life…) for Marks’ balloon…which he will use to take photos from when the wind dies.

It was a glorious day: wall to wall sunshine with a deft breeze.

I managedĀ  a complete tour of the archaeology with Nick…something I haven’t managed for a few days! Our sites are looking beautiful…intriguing….challenging….puzzling…and, ultimately, finish-able!

Andrew Munson, an Anthropology and Media Arts graduate from California State University has joined the team in order to make a documentary about Silchester. He has self-funded this trip and the equipment – and I am loaning him students as ‘production assistants’. Sounds like a good deal! More about Andrew anon.

A few images to sum up my busy busy day…..today we had 90 children visit us! Zoe and her team made a magnificent effort…which took its toll…..

021-001 022


After…..Zoe and team, suitably exhausted


Zoe…down…and out….


Sunny day at Insula III


Ellie makes comfort an art…with Peter (in the trench)


Henry and Lauren excavate a Victorian trench to reveal a flint structure which the Victorians called a ‘drain’. What do we think it is? Watch this space

Today's star find from Insula IX - the most perfect of arrowheads

Today’s star find from Insula IX – the most perfect of arrowheads

And…some pictures of ‘my’ film crew!


Director Andrew (right) and Jesse (Production Assistant)


At work


Boom at rest

‘One Take’ Amanda Over and Out

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