Muddy Monday


Storm clouds over Insula IX

A great deal happened today on site: 10 new people were inducted into the archaeology, mattocks were a tour de force in both trenches, another Nero stamped tile was discovered, Supervisor Natalie arrived to take the place of a saddened Hen who has to go back to the real life and work…… for a while…), Mike led a tour of the Andante travel group, I lost the keys to the church extension …in my purse…..and it rained!

But most memorable, and the images I will leave you with for today are of 2 mudlarks in my team: Amy and Rosie, excavating a possible late Iron Age well. Watching 5 people try and get Amy’s wellington boot off at lunch is a sight I will long remember…that mud sucks and sticks!


Rosie (left) and Amy – the Mudlarks


Heads down….



And so we head into the final 3 weeks of the excavation…..half way home….what will the next 18 days bring?


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