The Last First Open Day: Saturday 26th July

A mass of images for this day! Most prominent was the blue blue sky and the constant stream of the friendliest of visitors from 9.30am to 5pm. It was a great day. I always worry in advance. The nerves of the party host. What if no-one comes? But come they did – and everyone seemed to have a great time. We certainly did.

Everyone on site entered into the spirit of things – everywhere was face paint, blue Celtic swirls painted on tanned skins, togas, laurel wreaths, Roman standards, sandals and smiling faces. And a tiger….on a golf cart?




Tiger at tea

Tiger at tea

Victorians abounded; Jon Tierney made a valiant effort!


Jon as Victorian

At the gates we had a selection of Meeters and Greeters.


Left to right: Alex, Katherine, Josie and Tamsin


A trio of Roman ladies

Meanwhile in the Childrens’ sandpit, Oliver and Steve did a fantastic job .


Oliver (left) and Steve

Around the edge of the excavation we had a variety of stalls and demonstrations: a team from Reading Museum, a selection of childrens’ activities, environmental sieving and sorting, the Silchester Exhibition Centre, a shop, the Finds Display….and the Weavers and Dyers!


The weavers and dyers set up shop


A basinful of woad

And still the visitors poured in!


Queuing for headsets for the Guided Tours!

And the archaeology went on! On Insula IX, Adrianna uncovered a wonderful find in what may turn out to be the backfill of a pit. It is copper alloy…at first we thought it was  a handle of some kind…for a mirror? A razor? A skillet? Or is it a decorative piece to adorn the front of a box? A furniture fitting of some kind? As yet, we are baffled!


In it’s glory

But what is it??

015 We had 784 visitors – adults and children! A record for our first Open Day of any season! A big thank you to Zoe and Will who organised the activities – and a big shoutout to everyone on site who took part and welcomed the day with open arms.

It was an Open Day to remember.

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  1. Brian Leach says:

    No pictures of your lovely hat though!! A very enjoyable visit as always. Many thanks to you and your team.

  2. Paula Fleckney says:

    Thank you all for a wonderful Open Day and a fascinating tour. OK – it’s a bottle opener! Have a beer or two on me and keep up the good work.

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