Spaces of Television panel and keynote at the ‘Doctor Who: Walking in Eternity’ Conference University of Hertfordshire, 3-5 September 2013

'Doctor Who: Warrior's Gate: Episode 3' (BBC1, 17 January 1981)

‘Doctor Who: Warrior’s Gate: Episode 3’ (BBC1, 17 January 1981)

 A keynote address and three papers of ‘Spaces of Television’ research are to be presented at the ‘Doctor Who: Walking in Eternity‘ conference held at the University of Hertfordshire between the 3rd and 5th of September.

 Project co-investigator Professor James Chapman of the University of Leicester, delivers the opening keynote address of the conference, which will mark the publication of a revised edition of his book Inside the Tardis: The Worlds of Doctor Who – A Cultural History.

 On the same day, we also present a panel entitled “Fantastical Spaces of Television”:

Jonathan Bignell (Department of Film, Theatre & Television, Reading) Mise en scène in Doctor Who: The TARDIS as Space, Place and Setting

Victoria Byard (Department of the History of Art & Film, Leicester) Only Bodies and Languages: reading, writing and feeling spaces in Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy

Billy Smart (Department of Film, Theatre & Television, Reading) Warrior’s Gate, Jean Cocteau and the realm of videographic fantasy

 Booking details for the conference can be found here.


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