Books in Unexpected Places

Join us for a fascinating series of short talks, discussions and displays at the Museum of English Rural Life on Saturday 21 November, 11.00am – 4.00pm.

As part of the Being Human festival 2015, the UK’s only national festival of the humanities, this one day event aims to explore the idea of the book by thinking about writing in the past, how books were used and the books we find in unexpected places.


John Lewis Printing Collection – Group XI 2 Education

Talks will cover a range of topics, from books in burials, to philosophy in trenches and books as art; with researchers explaining how everyday books such as diaries and sketchbooks may reveal unexpected ideas and perspectives, or challenge conventional views.


John Lewis Printing Collection – Group XI 2 Education

We will also be hosting a public workshop inviting participants to share their own reflections on books in the workplace and have a fun, interactive session for children to create a book within a hidden place!

You’ll find a full programme for the event here.

While admission to the event is free, places are limited so make sure to book in advance.

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