Week 6 is a great opportunity to not only catch up on some work, but also some much-needed rest. Taz shares what she got up to during her week at home…

Ah, Reading Week… a time to forget about my degree, hibernate in bed, and to watch as many series on Netflix as humanly possible…

Whilst I’d love to admit that this is how I spent my Reading Week, I actually got up to a huge amount; most of which I can thank my huge to-do list of uni work for.

My Reading Week was spent at my home in Kent. This meant I had plenty of opportunities to get up to things which I don’t have the luxury of doing at uni. Some of which included having a warm bath, enjoying meals made by my mum, and catching up with family members I haven’t seen in a while. Amongst everything, the week was a time for me to rest, catch up on my studies, and to enjoy some ‘me’ time. And here’s exactly what I did.


Having taken up three assignment-heavy modules this term, reaching Week 6 meant that I had a large amount of work to get on with (and deadlines fast approaching). Working on my assignments at home meant that I was able to focus all of my energy on ploughing through the work without the distraction of social events and other aspects of my student routine. Unlike most people who prefer a desk or library setting to work at, I opt for my bed where I can spread all of my text books out whilst feeling comfortable at the same time. Even better, working at home gave the added bonuses of having my attention-seeker of a cat to keep me company, and to enjoy as many cups of tea as I wished.

Me Time

At times when I wasn’t completing uni work, I was also able to give myself a chance to relax and do the things that I enjoy. These included several much-needed lie-ins, a couple of runs around the countryside setting of my village, and a visit to the coast to make the most of the slightly warmer weather and a bag of warm chips. Additionally, the week was also an opportunity for me to kick back and enjoy some Netflix. This consisted of the new series ‘Dirty John’ (very gripping!) and The Hobbit which I was watching for the first time.

Family catch-up

Although I’m naturally a family-person, and it is rare for me to go a week without facetiming or texting a member of my family, Reading Week offered the chance to enjoy the face-to-face company of my mum, sister, and step-dad, whilst also catching-up with my auntie and cousin during a day trip to London Zoo. I also managed to fit in visiting my grandparents towards the end of the week. Taking a day or a couple of hours away from uni work throughout the week allowed me to recharge my batteries and think about something completely different for a change.

I’m a big fan of Reading Week and am lucky to have chosen a uni that offers students a chance to visit home, catch-up on work, and enjoy a break. How did you spend yours?

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