Lish McDonald

Trip Secretary for Reading University Snowports

Talk us through what you do for your society/sport/activity?

I Work closely with the President, VP and our travel operator NUCO to organise the infamous ski tour. which includes choosing a resort, promoting the trip, managing the booking process, Organising buses, events and other resort logistics. I’m also in charge of organising a trip to Edinburgh in the autumn term and any other big events in the Snowsports calendar.

This year I’ve also taken charge of the club’s social media along with the VP to promote all club activities and interact with our members.

What is your approach to leadership and teamwork?

As we are such a big club the committee works together and supports one another as much as possible which relies solely on effective communication. Personally, I pride myself on not being too scared or proud to reach out to my teammates when I need support, especially when juggling committee with Uni work and a job. Similarly, it’s important to be aware of your team’s workload and be compassionate where possible. The main thing is everyone wants best for the club.

What encourages or motivates you when you face a challenge as a leader?

My role on committee starts way before the academic year begins and all of the work put in is represent in just one week of tour. The thing that’s kept me going is knowing that when the semester ended the club was going to have the best possible week. I’ve also loved the feedback of our members, it’s a great feeling to know your representing them well.

Is there anyone who inspires you and why?

I’m inspired by a lot of the females in my life. Its empowering to meet woman every day that can juggle so many different aspects of their lives and excel at them. My mum is a huge inspiration as are my colleagues and lecturers.

What advice would you give to those who are considering taking on a leadership role?


Go for it, grab the opportunity whilst you can and learn as much as possible. Be assertive, question your colleagues when you don’t agree, praise them when you do, praise yourself when you succeed and never be too proud to ask for support.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Happy international woman’s day, thank you to all the ladies that strive to be more and to all the guys that support them.

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