With everything that’s going on it’s more important than ever to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. With no gyms or country parks open most workouts will have to be from home but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. With thousands of people and apps claiming to have the ‘perfect’ workout regime it can be difficult to know which ones to choose so I have done the metaphorical heavy lifting and picked some of my favourite ones.


As a dancer the dance videos were the first ones I looked to. Without a doubt ‘The Fitness Marshall’ is the best all round You Tuber for any aspiring dancer. His dances are engaging, energetic and easy to pick up. They are also designed for a small space so can easily be done in a small garden or a reasonably sized bedroom. He has also published a few free ’30-minute sweat sessions’ which are absolutely brilliant and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

If strengthening exercises are more your thing then there is a great app called ‘Abs and Core’ that offers free workouts that require no equipment. You can customise the length of the session and they start as low as 5 minutes so there’s no excuse to miss a day. They offer a wide variety of different exercises that change at 30 second intervals. As someone who is fairly new to these sorts of exercises I can confirm that they are very beginner friendly because they have clear and simple videos to follow.

If you prefer yoga and less intensive workouts then I would recommend the You Tuber ‘Yoga with Adriene’. All of her videos are free, clear and easy to follow. She has over 100 different yoga sessions ranging from 10 minutes to just under an hour to suit anybody’s schedule. This is another session that can you do without any equipment and it requires very little room too.

The last type exercise that I found was cardio videos and there was a huge number of great options. My personal favourites on You Tube are ‘FitnessBlender’ and ‘POPSUGAR Fitness’. They both offer a wide variety of workouts with and without equipment. For these you will need a bit more space and maybe don’t try them on the second floor but they are still really easy to follow and perfect for a beginner.

If none of these are your style then there are thousands more to choose from. I hope these suggestions can help lessen the monotony of isolation a little bit. Stay safe everyone!

Written by Millie Dinsdale.

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