When I first came to the University of Reading, I was absolutely amazed at simply how beautiful the campus is here are at the university. I was fascinated, not only by the stunning landscape, but also by the huge variety of services and facilities that Reading provides for all students. 

At first, I was very worried that it would be difficult to make friends at university, but guess what, I ended up making loads of international friends from numerous different backgrounds

I am grateful for all of the events on offer throughout the year, ranging from talksdrop-in afternoon sessionsseveral different careers talks and even how to find a part-time job – they have been great opportunities for me to meet new international friends.  

Below are 5 top tips that you will need for your first few weekat Uni: 

Tip  Note down all the important contact details you may need during your time at Uni. Especially the Home at Halls Hotline number for any services or issues you may have with your accommodation, if you are staying in one of the university’s Halls of Residence. 

Tip – Make sure that you join in as many events as you can. This way you can  meet lots of people who have similar interests to you! Join in with activities that really interest you and things that you have always wanted to try you won’t be disappointed! 

Tip 3 – It is definitely worth a visit to the RUSU (Reading University Student Union) Building for the BagelmanBlackwell’s bookstore, an Asian grocery store, University merchant store and more, all-in-one building.  

Tip – Visit the library to borrow textbooks related to your degree. Take some time to read ahead and prepare yourself for your first year of university study. 

Tip 5 – It’s a MUST to visit the WhiteKnights Lake and the Secret Garden on Campus. It’s really beautiful and lets you see just how special the campus is at Reading! 


Thank you for reading and hope you’ll find the 5 top tips useful in this blog! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Written by Pok Lim Lai  

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