Introducing our 2020/21 Student Voice Ambassadors:



Eloise Barnes

Second-year Business and Management student

My name is Eloise and I am a second-year Business and Management student. I am on the RUBS (Business) and RUSAC (Crafts) Committees so I enjoy spending my time being creative and learning more about my subject. 

I’m interested in creating content to help you settle into university life again or for the first time if you are new to the University of Reading. I am looking forward to highlighting the great events & opportunities that you can have as a student and how to make the most of each and every one of them. 

In my spare time, I love to binge a boxset or watch a film with my housemates. 



Emma Steele

 Third-year history student

So, a quick hello! My name is Emma and I’m a third-year history student. I have absolutely loved my two years at Reading, with the university experience teaching me to take every opportunity that comes my way. 

Although cliché, travelling the world is something I cannot wait to do post-uni. Exploring and enjoying different cultures is something that has always really interested me.  

As well as studying, I part-time manage a pub and hotel in Reading town centre. This position has enabled me to see a different side to Reading, which I have loved, as well as helping me build a new set of skills. 



Esosa Oduware

Second-year Accounting and Management student

Hello, I’m Esosa, a second-year Accounting and Management student at the University of Reading. As much as I love studying, I also like relaxingplaying candy crush (a lot) in my spare time and listening to French music. 

I really like helping out and hope to use this position to support my team, as well as all fellow students. I have a lot of great ideas to introduce which will also hopefully benefit the members of Reading as a community. 

Photography is my hobby and it is my favourite thing to do. I like being creative and decided to create an account to showcase my work @sosaxgraphy on Instagram. I’m very excited to be a part of the team and can’t wait to start working as a Student Voice Ambassador! 



Jack Pink

Final year Psychology student

Hello! I’m Jack, a final year Psychology student and excited new Student Voice Ambassador! I’ve had a really wide range of experiences during my time at university which I think is great to help new students learn from. I’m a passionate sports fan, having been a member of the American Football, Rugby League, and Softball societies. Alongside this, I love music and enjoy seeing the live gigs in the local area with Band Society. I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in most activities you could think of while being at university and can’t wait to share some experiences with you all, pass on some guidance, and hopefully help you have the best time possible!  


Susanna (Susie) Chandra 

Second-year law student

Hi everyone my name is Susie and I’m so excited to be joining the Student Voice Team this year at UoR. I am currently a second-year law student and I live in Reading during term time.

Some of my favourite hobbies are singing, playing tennis and travelling. While my interest in activism has not changed significantly over the course of the past few years it has become intensified this year – perhaps due to the increased amount of time spent at home in lockdown and more time to educate myself in specific topics, for example, the Black Lives Matter movement which has been my main focus this year.

I am also interested in the power of social media as a tool for education in these matters which is why I am so excited to be a Student Voice Ambassador; I hope to reach out to students through the Student Voice social media platforms to make a positive change for Reading University. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Pok Lim Lai

Second-year  Environmental Science student

Hi! I am Pok Lim Lai, a second-year undergraduate Environmental Science student.  I am an international student from Malaysia. Before coming to the University of Reading, I studied and lived in the Middle East.

Since I was young, I’ve studied at various international schools, this been a wonderful experience, allowing me to meet and make lots of international friends from all around the world blending into their cultures.

I love music, so in my free time, I play the piano and guitar to relax.

I am passionate about the weather and how the climate interacts with the environment. I am hoping to pursue a career as an Environmentalist to raise awareness and promote the importance of protecting the environment that we live in.


Lara Brittain

Second-year Biomedical Engineering student

I come from Bedford which is just under 2 hours from Reading. Before university I was part of the school rowing team and keen to carry on throughout university. Being half German and fluent in it, I was considering studying there but ended up at Reading as they had the best mix of the course I was interested in and a great rowing team too. In my free time, I like scrolling through TikTok occasionally learning some of the dances to keep up with my Grade 6 Ballet and Modern!


Serena Kutty

Third-year law student

Hi! My name is Serena and I am a third-year law student. I am lucky to have received a training contract at an international law firm after I graduate, starting in 2022.

I also am a commuter student to Reading, and like to get involved with societies on campus as much as I can. I’m part of the Hindu Society, and I’m also involved in a student initiative which focuses on helping underrepresented groups at Reading to access a career in commercial law. In my spare time, I like playing the guitar and watching way too much Netflix.


Florencia Botta

PhD student studying Archaeology and osteology

Hello everybody! My name is Florencia. I am a PhD student from Argentina studying Archaeology and osteology.

I love drawing and visual storytelling. I am always searching for fun and engaging ways of communicating both stories, as well as my research.

I also love gardening. I didn’t have many opportunities to do so back home, but here I was able to explore and learn from this hobby. I am currently the social media rep for the University volunteer project “Students Eat at the Secret Garden”.

I am looking forward to continuing my research and finding ways to communicate my experience and results with everybody!


Deyan Ilchev

 Final-year Computer Science student

Hello, I am Deyan, a third-year Computer Science student. As a student, I am still in the learning process by makings lots of mistakes, but I guess that is what builds character. I like to socialize and be in different environments. I usually see my self as an active person with some interests in running and other sports like skiing. I try to follow the logic of whatever interests me I try to do. I try to learn to a bit of everything and see what suits me and as it seems writing is one of those areas of interests.