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My Advice for Starting University – Deyan Ilchev

Despite reliving the experience of going into new environments, it still gives me the same overwhelming feeling I have had previously experienced with college and secondary school.   Your first few weeks at university gives you the chance to see andRead More…


My Top 5 Tips for Starting University Life – Pok Lim Lai

When I first came to the University of Reading, I was absolutely amazed at simply how beautiful the campus is here are at the university. I was fascinated, not only by the stunning landscape, but also by the huge variety of services and facilities that Reading provides for all students.  At first, I was very worried that it would beRead More…


A New Chapter: Finding Your Feet – Eloise Barnes

Last year, I found Welcome Week to be so fun & exciting, but also emotional and overwhelming from time to time. What I’m trying to say here is that the week will be full of activities and learning curves that you canRead More…