If I Were a Fresher (Thursday)

I would get up and grab a cup of coffee. Then I would read the blog that’s being written by a member of staff who is imagining what they would be doing if they were a Fresher…

OK, I’ve got my Campus Card, I’ve registered with the Medical Practice, gone to my Department welcome, picked my modules – what to do now?

Well, there are still some information, induction, meetings, receptions/parties and other activities with Departments and Schools this week. And I’ve definitely got to see my Personal Tutor at some point this week – I really should check my email!

So today, after all that, it’s off to the Music at Reading (12:00-12:30 room 103, Palmer Building) to find out about all the opportunities to get involved with music at Reading. Then I think I might head off to the Freshers’ BBQ (12:00-14:00 at the Chaplaincy Centre) to grab a free burger. Having wolfed down a burger then it’s off to the IWLP Languages Talk (13:00-13:00 Van Emden Lecture Theatre, HumSS) where I can find out about the chances to study a language (either as part of my course or just for fun). Drop-in to the Freshers’ Sport and Volunteer Fayre in RUSU (11:00-17:00) to see how I can get involved (and maybe find out about the RED Award).

Must not forget Hall Fire Safety Talk!

And then finally today, it’s off to the Palmer Building at 19:00 to catch the Freshers’ Film: The Dark Knight Rises. So good I want to see it twice!

Anyway, that’s me for today… how about you?

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