The University has a ‘Smokefree Policy’. This means that all University buildings are smoke free and that no smoking is allowed in or within ten metres of any building on campus. This is to protect occupants of rooms which are near to areas where smokers may congregate. Anyone found breaking these rules could face disciplinary action.

Stub it outPlease note that all Halls of Residence are completely smokefree, and that no smoking is allowed in any common areas or in study bedrooms.

All smokers are encouraged not to litter and to dispose of their cigarette butts and other waste smoking materials in the waste bins provided. 

You can find out more in the University’s Smokefree Policy (PDF-96KB).


This October the NHS is promoting a quit smoking campaing called ‘Stoptober’. Yes, we’re half way through the month, but better late than never, eh? You can find out more via the Stoptober website.

Or you could visit the NHS Smokefree website where you’ll get free advice and the chance to access a whole range of quit tools, including the ‘Quit Kit’.

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