Term-time Address and Online Enrolment

The enrolment period closes on the 31 October. By this date you should have completed online enrolment and provided the University with an up to date term-time address. :

  1. Please make sure that the University has an up to date local contact address for you (ie your term-time address). You can update your address details through the RISISweb portal. It is very important that we have a local contact address for you in cases of emergency and to send, or forward correspondence to you if needed;
  2. Please ensure that you have completed re-enrolment if you are a continuing student. Failure to complete re-enrolment may cause complications with your module selection, timetable and your status at the University.

If you are having problems with doing either of the above:

  • If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student (UG or PGT) please contact studenthelp@reading.ac.uk or go to the Student Help Desk in the Carrington Building.
  • If you are a postgraduate research student (PGR) then please contact dro@reading.ac.uk or go to the Doctoral Research Office in the Graduate School.

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