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'eat' sign outside Park HouseCatering Services are pleased to announce the launch of our 3rd online customer satisfaction survey, which aims to find out what you think of the catering services that are provided on the University campuses.

We want to find out when and how each of the outlets is used, and how you rate the value for money and customer service that is on offer.

All those who take part will be in with a chance of winning a a pair of Monster Beats high performance headphones.

To find out more and take the survey visit –

The survey is now closed

7 thoughts on “University Catering – have your say!

  1. I am very disappointed at the lack of vegetarian options at the Wantage Hall catering outlet – we seem to have pasta almost every day. Additonally there is a lack of places to eat during the weekends if you are a catered student. In fact you can only eat at Park bar or London Road cafe and I simply do not want to eat burgers, pizza and chips every weekend!

    1. Hi Lora, further to your feedback and that of other students we are increasing the amount of vegetarian options available. Dinner menus will in January contain both a vegetarian option and a vegan choice. We are also adding veggie mince as an option with the stir-fry’s. With regards to the weekend offer Park Eat offers a full curry bar on a Saturday and Burritos bar on a Sunday which both have vegetarian options. We are always looking for new vegetarian recipes. So if you have anything you would like to see on the menu, please contact us at

  2. As a fully catered student in Windsor, I have my meals at park bar.
    I am not at all fussy when it comes to food, and therefore (unlike a lot of my colleagues), I am relatively satisfied with the food served.
    HOWEVER.. as a 20 year old male student, i’m sure you can appreciate that I have a large appetite. The portion sizes that we are given are laughable. As soon as the portion i’m serving myself exceeds that of a 5 year-old, I get shouted at by one of the staff. I am definitely not alone when I say that if we are expected to eat the food we are being served, and at the prices that we are paying, at least give us an decent amount so that we might fill ourselves up!?

  3. Hi Elliot, thanks for your feedback on the catering at Park Eat. I hope you can understand that we do have to have some control over portion sizes and the staff are trained to monitor this and advise customers of what an acceptable portion is. However there is no excuse for staff being rude to customers, and please let me assure you I will be speaking to the supervisor regarding this.

  4. Where can I easily find the opening times (AND times that food is served) for all the catering establishments on campus please? Especially at weekends this would be handy to have. I can never find the information when I need it, and it seems to change… often!

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