Security vehicleThe Security Services team will be running their annual Security and Safety Awareness week from 7–11 October in the Palmer building.

Come along and find out how to protect yourself and your property, and take the awareness test to see how observant you are!

There will be information on:

We will also have the following organisations attending in the week:

  • Police
  • NHS 111 Service
  • DAAT (Drugs and Alcohol team)
  • Housing (Tuesday only)
  • Trading standards (Tuesday only)
  • Dr Bike (Tuesday & Wednesday only)
  • ABC Medical (Wednesday only)

Security will be on hand to give security advice, free bike register, awareness test and run a competition to find the “Usual Suspects”  (there will be a bike “D” Lock  for the winner).

The local police will be on hand to advise for all personal security issues, and answer any questions staff/ students may have. The police will also be signing staff/students up to the Thames valley alerts scheme.

The drugs team will be offering tips and advice plus giving the staff /students the chance to see how Alcohol effects their perception etc. There’s also the chance to wear special Beer goggles and steer a remote control car around a circuit to show the difference between being sober and tipsy/Drunk.

Bring along your bike on Tuesday and Wednesday and have “Dr Bike” give it a full maintenance check ready for the winter. 

NHS 111 service will be advising everyone about the new controls coming into play regarding calling 999 and the difference between an emergency and non-emergency calls.

 ABC Medical will be on hand to offer basic first aid advice and demo CPR techniques on Wednesday.

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