Staying in Halls

Each year there are a limited number of rooms set aside in Halls for students. If you enjoyed your stay in Halls first time around it’s your chance to do it all again! There is a wide range of accommodation available including standard single rooms, en-suite rooms, self-contained studios and the Townhouses.

Applications for 2014-15 hall accommodation openson the 7 January 2014 and you can click here to find out more information.

Find a house

If you fancy living out then there is plenty of advice and support from RUSU available on their website, and they even have their own lettings agency

Find a housemate

RUSU are running a session at 17:00 on Tuesday the 10 December 14 January in Cafe Mondial where you can meet potential new housemates. You can find more information on the RUSU website.

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