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Month: April 2014

Quiet Period 2014

The University Quiet Period runs from 18:00 on Sunday 27 April to 18:00 on Friday 13 June. The Quiet Period is a time during the summer term each year when the University and RUSU actively encourages students to be mindful of the noise regulations set out in Section 5 of your Hall handbook. The bulk of University exams take place during the summer term and the Quiet Period is enforced in order to ensure that the disturbance of students and residents in the local community is kept to a minimum.

What’s involved?

Throughout this period, when students are involved in revision and examinations, Hall’s normal noise regulations are strictly enforced. (See your Hall Handbook for further details)

Don’t make noise yourself…and don’t put up with anyone else being noisy

Offenders against the noise regulations may expect to be fined, in proportion to the seriousness of the disturbance, the time of the disturbance and their previous history. Other disciplinary sanctions may also be applied. Persistent offenders may be required to move out of the Hall.

Simple things you can do to help

Here are some steps to help ensure peace and harmony over the exams period:

  • Don’t make noise in communal areas in halls (such as kitchens)
  • Keep quieter when on your way to and from venues
  • When you get back home and want to continue the party, be considerate of your neighbours
  • If your neighbours knock and ask you to keep the noise down please don’t dismiss them
  • If your planning a house party, tell your neighbours and agree on a reasonable time for the party to end
  • During exam period – remember there are many students that will have exams both before and after you so please be considerate when you’re lucky enough to not have any exams!

Your Exams Toolkit

Essential survival tools for all students on Thursday 1 May from 15:30 to 17:00, in room 201 Carrington Building.

Most students experience anxiety around exam time (indeed some stress is actually helpful for keeping us motivated!).  The key thing is to feel confident that you know what you’re meant to be doing and are preparing in the most effective way. Feeling confident about these aspects will help to make the exams themselves a less daunting experience.  The other key thing is to learn how to manage your anxiety effectively so that you can make the most of the preparation time you have, and maximise your chances of success in the exams.

There are lots of simple things you can do to prepare effectively, and manage stress creatively, in the run-up to exams and this Exams Toolkit is a marketplace event bringing together all the Essential Tips and Advice you might need to do this – with Free smoothies!

Come and find out the best ways to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, and increase your concentration, as well as advice on the most effective revision techniques and exam room strategies from Student Wellbeing and Study Advice.  Learn more about the ‘T.R.E.A.T. yourself’ method of staying motivated and boosting your wellbeing, and all the events planned this term by Peer Support, RUSU and the Chaplaincy to help you stay calm, relaxed and focussed.  And – because worrying about ‘afterwards’ can also be a source of stress around exam time – the Careers Team will be on hand to help you find a job or summer internship, and you can find out why  it’s not too late to complete your RED Award!

Extra study space over the 2014 summer examination period

For the duration of the summer examinations period selected teaching rooms have been converted into extra study areas for any student to use. Most rooms are available from 22 April to 30 May 2014, with some available until 13 June.

There is additional information about our general provision of study spaces on the Student Pages.

Individual quiet study

Please note: these rooms are not open at the weekends or on public holidays

Rooms available during the day All rooms 09:00-18:00

  • Business School G03 (24 places – available until 13 June)
  • Agriculture GU06 (20 places)

Rooms available into the evening All rooms 09:00-22:00

  • HumSS 175 (34 places)
  • HumSS 301 (30 places)

Rooms with PCs

  • JJ Thomson 128/129PC (30 places) (09:00-18:00)
  • HumSS 172PC (12 places) (09:00-22:00)

Don’t forget that the Library and the Study provide 24-hour facilities.

Code of Conduct for the Quiet Study rooms

These rooms are for individuals who wish to work in silence. Please be respectful of others studying in the room.

  • do not use your iPod or play any other music that can be heard by others
  • keep laptop speakers muted
  • keep mobiles in silent mode
  • do not take or make calls on your mobile
  • leave the room tidy so that others can use it after you
  • only consume bottled water, no other food or drink may be consumed in the room
  • do not leave your belongings unattended

The closure times noted above are the times that the buildings/rooms will be locked up. You are asked finish working and to leave the study rooms 10 minutes before the buildings are closed.

Contact points

In the event of a problem with the room (or other occupants) please use the contact points listed below:


Times open

Contact room

Agriculture GU06 09:00-18:00 School Office 1U09
Business School G03 09:00-18:00 Ground Floor reception desk
HumSS 172 HumSS 175 HumSS 301 09:00-18:00 Room 178
HumSS 172 HumSS 175 HumSS 301 18:00-22:00 The Porter in the HumSS Building
JJ Thomson 128/129PC 09:00-18:00

Easter closure dates 2014

The University is shut from Thursday 17 April and re-opens on Tuesday 22 April. There will be no access available to buildings or services on campus during this period.

The summer term starts on Monday 28 April.

Student website improvements

Student Pages homepageWe’re currently looking at ways to improve the Student Pages website. We want to make sure that we are giving you easy access to the information you want, when you want it. An important part of this process is getting the views of our current students. As such it would be a great help if you could take ten minutes to complete our survey.

Feel free to leave any comments below too (eg what you like about the current site, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see on our new site, what other sites you like to use).


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