If you are struggling to settle in to life at Reading you should seek support from a member of staff at your earliest opportunity. Sources of support and advice include:

Advisory Team (ask at the Carrington Helpdesk) Careers, Placement and Experience Centre
Chaplaincy Counsellors
Disability Advisory Service Faculty Senior Tutors
Mental Health Adviser Peer Supporters
Personal Tutors Student Financial Support Team
Students’ Union Study Advisers
Wardens/Warden Assistants (in Halls of Residence)

If you are thinking of withdrawing from the University, or suspending your studies, you should please let us know as soon as possible to discuss the best way forward. It is important that you have this conversation sooner rather than later, because if you decide to withdraw or suspend your studies you may still be liable for part (or all) of your fee. There are a series of key dates by which you must make such a decision, the first being the 14 October (if you leave after the 14 October you will be liable for at least 25% of the fee. The other ‘fee liability points’ for 2014/5 are:

Liability Point Dates Amount charged of total fee following withdrawal Amount refunded of total fee
Withdrawal between start of term and liability point 1 30 September–14 October 2014 0 (but note that tuition fee deposits are non-refundable) 100%
Between liability point 1 and liability point 2 15 October 2014–11 January 2015 25% 75%
Between liability point 2 and liability point 3 12 January–19 April 2015 50% 50%
After liability point 3 to end of term 20 April 2015 100% 0%

You can find more information on the processes involved on the Withdrawing/Transferring page of the Student website.

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