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Penalties for late submission

The University has issued new guidelines on the penalties for the late submission of coursework. So, if you hand your work in late be prepared to lose some marks…

  • where the piece of work is submitted after the original deadline (or any formally agreed extension to the deadline): 10% of the total marks available for that piece of work will be deducted from the mark for each working day (or part thereof) following the deadline up to a total of five working days;
  • where the piece of work is submitted more than five working days after the original deadline (or any formally agreed extension to the deadline): a mark of zero will be recorded.

So, if you handed in an essay two days late and your tutor felt that it was worth 65% you would only receive a mark of 45%. If you handed it on the sixth (working) day after it was due you wouldn’t get any marks.

Make sure you put any deadlines in your diary and stick to them!


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  1. Jess

    Hi, think there’s a maths mix up here. You say only 10% is deducted but in your example you say a piece would go from 65% to 45%

    • Hi Jess, you had me worried there for a minute! If the essay had been a day late there would have been a 10% reduction, because it was two days late (in the example above) it is a 20% reduction. Thanks, Richard

    • Rhodri

      Last year it took me a while to figure out it’s not 10% of your final mark.

      Rather than being 10% of your final mark that is deducted, it is is equivalent of 10% of the maximum marks available.

      So if you handed in your coursework a day late, and scored 80/100 (which you would get if it was on time), you would end up with a result of 70/100.

  2. Hope

    This is going to be ridiculously destructive. Very few people intend to hand things in late; sometimes the workload is just overwhelming.
    The previous policy was good; it penalised students for late submission, yet didn’t completely fucking destroy all chance of still achieving a reasonable grade.
    I appreciate that this tougher scheme exists to try and make sure that people simply don’t hand anything in late, but guess what? It’s still going to happen, especially since the deadline for most essays seems to be in the same week. This is going to result in a shitload of crappy marks, and both the students and the university are going to suffer because of it.

    • Hi there, the new rules were formulated, in part, in response to student feedback that suggested the previous system was unfair and unduly lenient. The fact that, under the previous system, a student who handed in their work 5 minutes late received the same penalty as someone who handed it in a week late was felt to be deeply unfair.
      The other issue you raise is around managing workloads. If your School/Department is ‘bunching-up’ deadlines then you should raise this with your Staff-Student Liaison committee and highlight the undue pressure that it is creating. Colleagues in the Study Advice team (based on the first floor of the Library) can offer guidance and tips on time management and other study skills. Finally, if a student feels that they have extenuating circumstances, and need an extension of their deadlines they can formally make that request.

  3. Alice

    So to make it fair, you moved it from -10% in 7 days to -50% in 5 days?!! And you don’t think this’s too extreme??! You are only making things worse for us! The term dates this year have changed so that we finish early unlike previous years which is fine. However, this also means that work is even more packed together, and we DO get deadlines at the same time. I wonder how many people are actually satisfied with this new rule of justice!!

    • Hi Alice, the inequity lay in the fact that one student could hand in their coursework five minutes late and receive the same punishment as someone who handed theirs in five days late. I’m sure that you would agree that this wasn’t fair.
      The incremental punishment serves as a deterrent to discourage students from late submission – in the experience of many of our academics this late submission doesn’t provide any real advantage to the student. This punishment helps reinforce this.
      For most Departments deadlines tend to fall in the autumn and spring terms (the longer terms), with the summer term being largely ‘free’ for exams. If your School/Department has a habit of “bunching up” deadlines you must take this up with your Staff/Student Liaison Committee. It is a practice that does neither party any favours, especially as we are now committed to a 15 day turnaround on feedback.

  4. Liao

    working days? means only Mon-Fri? What will happen if the deadline of a work is on Friday and I submit the work on Monday? 10% of the total marks will be deducted or 30%(maybe 20%?) will be deducted?

    • Hi Liao, yes it means Monday to Friday (ie excluding weekends and Bank Holidays). In effect the clock stops over weekends (and Bank Holidays). If the deadline was 10:00 on Friday and you handed it in before 10:00 on Monday you would have 10% deducted, if you handed it in after 10:00 you would have 20% deducted.

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