3-6 November 2014

Why not take part in the International Study and Language Institute’s Language Festival programme during Enhancement Week? This year’s festival will explore the theme of Language and Diversity through films, cuisine, music and games.

Main events

Wednesday 5 November
Self-Access Centre for Language Learning (SACLL), HumSS 230

Great World Cook-off Competition
Share your national dish for a chance to win a prize. Email your details and recipe in the language you are learning before 3 November.

World Games Afternoon
Come and practise your language skills while playing games from different parts of the world.

Photography Competition

Music Session


Come and watch a film in French, Spanish, German or Italian. Your chance to improve your language and learn about other cultures.
Self-Access Centre for Language Learning (SACLL), HumSS 230

Spanish: Ocho Apellidos Vascos
16:30, Monday 3 November

French: Intouchables
16:30, Tuesday 4 November

Italian: Le Fate Ignoranti
16:30, Wednesday 5 November

German: Die Fetten Jahre Sind Vorbei (The Educators)

16:30, Thursday 6 November


Joan McCormack

Alison Nicholson

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